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PostSubject: Game Rules   Game Rules Icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 7:46 am

Cardfight Club RPG is a Cardfight!! Vanguard Role Playing Game. This forum is used to host the RPG and Cardfight Area is used to play the actual game. If you wish to play this RPG, you must first download Cardfight Area.

This RPG is all about progression and balance. You will have to work hard to improve your deck. You will start with nothing more than points which can be used to buy Trial Decks and Packs. You can only use the cards you have receives from these products.

Each player starts with 2200VC (Vanguard Cash) and 5 Set Points. Set Points can be used to unlock Booster Sets and Trial Decks. VC can be used to buy Booster Sets and Trial Decks that you have unlocked. You do not start off with any Booster Sets or Trial Decks unlocked.

Season 1 products (Trial Decks, Booster Sets, etc.) can be bought from Card Capital. Each product costs 1 Set Point to unlock. Booster Packs cost 50VC each. Trial decks cost 300 VC each.

Season 2 products can be bought from Shop Handsome. Each product costs 2 Set Points to unlock. Booster Packs cost 100VC each. Trial decks cost 500 VC each.

Season 3 products can be bought from PSY Shop. Each product costs 3 Set Points to unlock. Booster Packs cost 150VC each. Trial decks cost 700 VC each.

You are allowed to trade cards with other players. You are allowed to trade cards and VC, but not XP. You can only trade for cards that are from sets you have unlocked. For example, if you have unlocked BT01 you can trade for Asura Kaiser but not Soul Saver Dragon because Asura Kaiser is in BT01 and Soul Saver Dragon is in BT02.

Players start at level 1 and must gain XP (experience) to level up. To level up, you must gain XP equal to your level x100. For example, level 1 players need 100XP to level up and level 2 players need 200XP to level up. Players can gain XP by playing in Club Fights or by participating in tournaments.

When a player levels up, they receive 1 Set Point. Each time a player reaches a level that is an increment of 5 (5, 10, 15, etc.) they also receive a VC bonus, an XP bonus, and 1 extra set point. VC bonus is +50 for a win and +10 for a loss. XP bonus is +25 for a win and +5 for a loss.

When a player joins, they must choose a school to be a part of. The 3 schools are Miyaji, Hitsue and Fukuhara. Each school has a cardfight club. Players can challenge other players to a Club Fight. The winner of a Club Fight receives 100VC and 25XP. The loser receives 20VC and 5 XP. Each player can challenge a player from each school to a Club Fight once per day.  Since there are 3 schools, that means there is a maximum of 3 Club fights per player, per day. You cannot have a Club Fight with the same person 2 days in a row.

Every time a Club member defeats a member of another Club in a Club Fight, the winning Club will receive 1 Club Point. At the end of each month, all players in the winning Club will receive 500VC (+50VC for each bonus). Club Points reset to 0 at the end of each month.

Club Fights on Saturday or Sunday give 150VC and 50XP for a win or 50VC and 20XP for a loss.

Every Wednesday, all active players will receive 150VC and +50VC for each bonus you have.

Tournaments will be held often. Check the tournament section of the forum for registration for tournaments. Tournament prizes include VC, XP, Promo Cards and Booster Packs. Whenever you receive VC and XP from a tournament, you get +50VC and +25XP for each bonus you have.
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Game Rules
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