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PostSubject: BEGINNERS READ THIS!!!   BEGINNERS READ THIS!!! Icon_minitimeFri Sep 06, 2013 4:41 am

Cardfight Club RPG is a Cardfight!! Vanguard Role Playing Game. This forum is used to host the RPG and Cardfight Area is used to play the actual game. If you wish to play this RPG, you must first download Cardfight Area.

This RPG is all about progression and balance. You will have to work hard to improve your deck. You will start with nothing more than points which can be used to buy Trial Decks and Packs. You can only use the cards you have receives from these products.

Steps for joining the forum.

1. Read the rules

2. Pick which school you would like to join, Miyaji, Hitsue, Fukuhara, or SIT.
Miyaji -
Hitsue -
Fukuhara -

3. You may want to think over what you want to build on here before you progress any farther, and to help you with that, a little information
Season 1 packs and TDs (bt01-bt05, TD01-TD04, eb01-eb02) are in Card Capital, take 1 set point to unlock, and are 50VC per pack and 300VC per TD.
Season 2 packs and TDs (bt06-bt09, TD05-TD07, eb03-eb05) are in Shop Handsome, take 2 set points to unlock, and are 100VC per pack and 500VC per TD.
Season 3 packs and TDs (currently bt10-bt13, TD08-TD12, eb06-eb07) are in PSY Shop, take 3 set points to unlock, and are 150VC per pack and 700VC per TD.

4. Post which packs you wish to unlock using the 5 set points you start with. Post under the the shop that the set is in, the links are below
Card Capital -
Shop Handsome -
PSY Shop -

5. You also start with 2200VC, you may use this to purchase the packs/TDs you will start with. Each shop will have a thread for each set/TD inside the shop, post under that thread the amount of packs/TDs you want.
Card Capital -
Shop Handsome -
PSY Shop -

6. One of the admins will make your case, open your packs, and place you in the requested school.

7. You are all set up! once you get more VC (or if you saved some) you will be able to buy more packs, and if you get more set points by leveling up (or if you saved some) you can unlock more later. Meanwhile, you can

A) Enter tournaments!

B) Trade with other players!
Mostly talk on chat to find trades, but also people will have tradelists, as well as the official record of trades, on this page.
Also note, you can only trade for cards from sets you have unlocked - if you havent unlocked bt02, for example, you wouldnt be able to trade for Soul Saver Dragon

C) Club Fights (copied and pasted from rules page)
"When a player joins, they must choose a school to be a part of. The 4 schools are Miyaji, Hitsue, Fukuhara, and SIT. Each school has a cardfight club. Players can challenge other players to a Club Fight. The winner of a Club Fight receives 100VC and 25XP. The loser receives 20VC and 5 XP. Each player can challenge a player from each school to a Club Fight once per day.  Even though there are 4 schools however, there is a maximum of 3 Club fights per player, per day. You cannot have a Club Fight with the same person 2 days in a row.
Every time a Club member defeats a member of another Club in a Club Fight, the winning Club will receive 1 Club Point. At the end of each month, all players in the winning Club will receive 500VC (+50VC for each bonus). Club Points reset to 0 at the end of each month.
Club Fights on Saturday or Sunday give 150VC and 50XP for a win or 50VC and 20XP for a loss."

To find club fights, talk with people on chat, and afterwards the losing side should post it under the correct month on this page.

I will now tell you the truth ive learned.
The truth is....
Dont post **** on facebook, no one wants to see that crap.
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